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Previous Elections

Previous elections::

I have had the pleasure in running for EPSB Trustee before with unsuccessful outcomes in 2006 for Ward “A” and 2010 for Ward “B” with my wife, Edmonton Journal Feature:”>we were the first husband and wife team to run for two seperate school boards at the same time in Alberta;

3,000 First Nation Band members signed letters for my nomination to be placed forth for the Senate election, these members of the four nations of Maskwacis, (the Ermineskin Cree Nation reserve, the Samson Cree Nation, the Lois Bull Cree reserve and Montana Cree reserve,) did so in thanks for my contributions to their health care system by providing them medical doctors, and at a later time I was appointed as a member of Sikiska Nation.

Please find previous material below, the topics that I campaigned to fix, have not been fixed and are hemorrhaging our educational system, and hurting our children.

First School Board Election Ward “A”
FIRST election Handout

Election Ward “B”
second election door hanger

Edmonton Journal Feature:

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  • Click this link to read how your Property Taxes pays for Education.

    Times have changed:
    In 1998 we were told not meet people from the internet, and never to get into a strangers car.

    It’s 2017, and we summon strangers from the internet to get in their car…

    Our students will be the caretakers for tomorrow. The titles for their jobs haven’t even been created yet – Vote for Perry Chahal, and I will help students develop to the best of their potential.