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My platforms, ideas for policy and topics addressed many of the current problems our Ward faces now, click here to read the my older campaign materials, were I have taken the liberty to highlight the points that were not dealt with and are haemorrhaging our education system (P3 School Agreements, Classroom size)


When I worked in the Office of City Councillors, I would take the LRT and listen to people, (I even wore a button saying “complain to Perry”) When passengers engaged me and shared what they were upset about, I would reply “how could it be better?” and listened again.

So when I arrived at City Hall I would advise the Councillor of today’s “scuttle-butt” – and we would act on it; this is grassroots engagement and this needs to happen again!

The School Board’s primary responsibility is: “The achievement of students.”

To reach these goals, I will:

1. Have “town-hall” meetings monthly, how can a Trustee speak on behalf of their voters if they don’t meet with them. You should not feel privileged that a trustee shows up at your school meetings, its their job to be there – I will be there, I will listen, and I will appreciate your time and thank-you for allowing me to listen.

2.  Not ask parent’s to email, or write letters to the Minister of Education and cc me (as the current Trustee is requesting). The Trustee is the voice to the Minister on behalf of the parents and taxpayers

3.  Get our students the proper resources and SPACE they need! – No excuses with P3’s, classroom and student population rates are different, P3′ Schools must care for our children, not just focus on their profits

4. We will get a new High School in Ward “A”, I have been campaigning since 2010, and ground has yet to be broken with broken promises that only come around election years.

5.  Keep a balanced school environment of academic, physical, mental and social development.

6.  I will review the multiuse agreement between the School Board, the City of Edmonton and associations for school rentals to make it better. Young children should not have soccer practices or clubs far from their homes in small gyms at late hours.

7.  The Arts are important for our society, with the continuous advancements in online resources students can now share, exchange, learn and engage others around the world.

To be continued……

In politics there is a saying “sacrifice a few for the many..” in Ward “A” that has happened, and MUST STOP, I will NOT sacrifice anything or anyone, only myself to raise a voice.

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  • Click this link to read how your Property Taxes pays for Education.

    Times have changed:
    In 1998 we were told not meet people from the internet, and never to get into a strangers car.

    It’s 2017, and we summon strangers from the internet to get in their car…

    Our students will be the caretakers for tomorrow. The titles for their jobs haven’t even been created yet – Vote for Perry Chahal, and I will help students develop to the best of their potential.