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This election, most candidates either have a ton of experience in politics and considered as “career politicians” and never worked in the real-world, or the candidate has a ton of real-world experience, yet never worked in a government office. TIME FOR CHANGE! Don’t elect a career politician or a person that has no experience.

You deserve better; you deserve a voice and a person that can make changes in our education system and not accept excuses. I want to be your voice; allow me to listen to you.

My name is Perry Chahal. I am an Edmontonian by birth and have resided in the area for more than 39 years.

Your Elected School Board Trustee must be competent and have invested interest in the future I am. As a father of four children (all under the age of 9 ) that are enrolled in the Public School System or will be enrolled in a Public School; I want them to receive an education that our generation had (we turned out okay..didnt we?) I have the skills, experience, knowledge and know-how to get things done.

This will be the first time in EIGHT years that you will be able to vote for your Trustee, the incumbent won by appointment from acclamation. This is unfortunate, as many of us did not hear the platform and vision for Ward “A”. You did not get the chance to choose the best suited candidate.

You will get more than 20 years experience in municipal, provincial and federal policy making, bureaucracy and politics; a person who has worked on many campaigns across the country and within Alberta, and an individual who has been heavily involved in politics and has helped in key decisions that have made Alberta Strong. To learn more please visit my LinkedIN page.

You will be speaking to the top – and your voice will be heard!


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    Times have changed:
    In 1998 we were told not meet people from the internet, and never to get into a strangers car.

    It’s 2017, and we summon strangers from the internet to get in their car…

    Our students will be the caretakers for tomorrow. The titles for their jobs haven’t even been created yet – Vote for Perry Chahal, and I will help students develop to the best of their potential.